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My name is William (Bill) Sikula Jr.  This family history website was created for and is dedicated to the memory of my father, William Sikula Sr (1918 - 2008). 

Our family's ancestors were from the village of Orosháza in central Hungary.  They spelled their name "Szikula" (with a "z").  Our earliest known ancestors were my great-great-great-Grandfather György Szikula and his wife Sara Dorok1.  who were born in Hungary some time in the late 1700s.    

The Szikula story came to America when György and Sara's grandson Sándor (Alexander) Szikula emigrated from Orosháza to Cleveland Ohio in 1906 with his wife Mária Törocsik1. and their four oldest children, István (Steve), Sándor (Albert), Mária, and my grandfather Andor (Edward A). All Americans born into our family are descended from Sándor and Mária.

The name "Szikula" is very rare even in Hungary, so if you have ancestors named Szikula you are probably one of us. However, most Szikulas in America have dropped the "z" from their name, making it "Sikula", which is the same as several unrelated families in America and Europe.  One way to find out if you're part of our family is to enter your ancestor's name into the site search box in the upper left corner of this page or check our list of ancestors.

Because this project started as a family history for my father it includes dedicated sections on his parents and their family.  If you have information you would like included for your branch of the family, email me at, and let me know.  I'm always looking for help. 

So take your time and read through "The Szikula Story", and when you're done check out our interactive family tree at  It lists over 600 of Sándor Szikula's extended family, but there's always room for more.


1 Ancient History 2 Szikulas of Oroshaza 3 Baloghs of Olcsva 4 Ed and Sarah 5 Why Cleveland? 6 Dangerous Times 7 Hungarian Cousins 8 What does Szikula mean? 9 Sikulas Today 10 Information Sources 11 Footnotes Ancestors1 Ancient History